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ED Sample Pack 1 consists of a two well-known medications (Viagra and Cialis) designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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Cialis 10mg

Cialis 10 mg (Tadalafil 10 mg) Buy Cialis


  • Each tablet contains: 10 mg of Tadalafil
  • Duration: up to 36 hours
  • Onset of action: 20-40 minutes
  • Active substance: Tadalafil (Tadalafil)
  • Manufacturer: India
  • Taste: Bitter

Description: Cialis is the newest and most powerful drug to increase potency and treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The drug "Cialis" is the long effect, which lasts 36 hours, which prevents you from having time taking the drug. Method of application: Cialis is taken for 20-50 minutes before sexual intercourse. With frequent use, the dosage may be reduced to 5 mg per day.

Cialis – description of the drug According to statistics, about one hundred and fifty millions of men are forced to seek means of dealing with the problem of erection. Modern experts suggest to cope with this problem by using appropriate drugs. Among the best referred to Cialis. It is a drug that restores and stimulates the natural functions run smoothly. With the appearance on the market of this sensation many men got a chance at a normal personal life. This drug has already earned the trust of the men in the Old world, New Zealand and most of Australia.

The first to use the effective new product, were inhabitants of England, Finland, Germany, Sweden. According to statistics, only among the inhabitants of the Old world men, who are suffering sexual health, more than thirty million. Among European experts believed that this drug makes sense to choose to defeat the problem of impotence and restore sexual potency.

Cialis is shown as addition to therapy carried out in the absence of an erection, or when it manifests itself in varying degrees of activity — moderate and severe. It can be taken without fear that it affects both the eaten food. It is important to remember that even after the use of the drug need to a number of conditions, without which it will not work. We shall talk about them later. The course of the drug is associated with certain characteristics. The man need to take the right portion Cialis at lunch time, and test it in practice, only by the night. This is a new tool, who had a good reputation. Is over — about six dozen scientific experiments in the natural hospital setting, with over four thousand people. Studies have proven that eighty-one percent of subjects were distinguished, experienced the positive effect of the drug. The most most famous acquired this remedy to increase potency, like viagra. It became famous thanks to intensive advertising. Unfortunately, this does not mean that it will help 100 times out of 100. Trying to buy viagra, not everyone is aware that there are others whose job it is to provide truly effective action. Among similar drugs – Cialis. The fundamental difference between the two tools is very important. In this case, the base ingredient is tadalafil. It is part of the drug and is composed of red blood cells faster than sildenafil, which is a part of viagra. It must be taken one hour before planned sexual activity, the expected sexual intercourse. Cialis starts to act in 15 minutes. Action differs in its duration. It is important to remember that the drug will take effect if taken in a state of excitement. About terms of use we'll talk later. In particular, it will be mentioned how the drug interacts with alcohol and some other active substances. Many people wonder how effective this drug because its effect is comparable with a standard voltage of vessels of a particular organ. As you know, no less the result give a more natural ways that do not require the use of chemicals. We agree with what medicines it is better to take only when the doctor guaranteed the security of their impact. Thus, the drug Cialis acts as a vasoconstrictor, but its activity is aimed only at a specific organ. Other limbs and organs are not activated. In particular, this is due to the unique action of the drug – it will help only in case of excitation of a certain kind. It is sexual activity, and it must be due to the traditional incentive. No doubt, this drug has many contraindications. They are related to the fact that its action is quite aggressive, it is directed to vascular and blood cells, with a focus on a specific part of the body. The complexity of diagnostics of contraindications is that not everyone knows about their health problems. Vessels suffer a lot of people, and sometimes symptoms similar to fatigue, excess stress and so on.we suggest timely diagnosis of health and to detect each disease, focusing on each symptom is then possible to identify such diseases as renal or heart failure, in the early stages when the drug is not harmful. Contraindications will be a big part of the article. It is important to consider that some medication do not take together with Cialis, but such cases are rare. Having discussed with a specialist all health problems, you can understand, is it permissible to use Cialis in a particular case.